UK Hire Rate Slows Down as Cost of Living Intensifies – Here’s How to Beat It

UK Hire Rate Slows Down as Cost of Living Intensifies – Here’s How to Beat It

A recent report shows that the UK hire rate has slowed considerably compared to the rate immediately after the pandemic. Whilst the government initially predicted higher unemployment rates, it appeared to be the opposite case as we left multiple lockdowns.

However, 18 months after the last lockdown, inflation is increasing at a rate we haven’t seen for decades, and rising energy costs are set to quadruple by January 2023. Whilst the cost of living is rising, it’s no wonder that businesses are being careful with budgets and holding off on new job hires.

The job market has always been competitive but due to the current climate, it’s no surprise that it’s even more so. Not only does there seem to be less jobs available, but more candidates seem to be in the hire pool – some even trying to find a second job to ensure they afford the upcoming energy price hike.

So, what can you do avoid this? We’ve collated some helpful tips that will give you the competitive edge in the application/interview process.

Top 5 Job Hunting Tips You Need to Consider:

Customisation is Key!

Whilst it’s easy to have one CV and one cover letter – it’s not always the most successful. Customising your application to the job spec puts your best foot forward. It’ll ensure that no matter if they’re going through the CV’s personally or using tracker systems which have been programmed to highlight keywords – you’ll come up in their search.

Keep your LinkedIn Profile up to date.

Not only is it important to have a CV always ready but ensure that it matches your LinkedIn profile. Thousands of companies are posting their vacancies not just on job boards but also on the social platform.  Not only this, but recruitment agencies such as Caledonian Recruitment Group often headhunt on the platform – meaning you could be considered without even knowing it! Similarly, it’s now easier than ever with LinkedIn allowing you to apply directly on the platform.


So, you’ve got yourself an interview – what next? Research! Make sure you look at the company’s website to understand more about their culture, company values and their ethos. Employers are more likely to be impressed if you’ve shown you’re proactive and your interest aligns with their future plans.

Ask questions

Following on from your research ensure you prepare some questions to ask – now we’re not telling you get a questionnaire ready as some of them will come from a flowing conversation but preparing a few just in case never hurts! An interview isn’t just for employer to see if you fit the role but for you to ensure it’s a great fit for you too.

First impressions count

Now you’ve done your research, you’ve got your questions ready, now what? We know it sounds silly but check what time you need to arrive and know the name of person you need to ask for. Similarly make sure you know where to park ahead of time, so it leaves you enough time to calm your nerves before you go in. First impressions count so ensuring you’ve arrived promptly and ready to go will enable you to put your best foot first.

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