What is Digital PR & How Does it Work?

What is Digital PR & How Does it Work?

Running PR campaigns has been a staple marketing activity for decades.

Businesses looking to create awareness of their products and services have used it successfully alongside direct-to-consumer marketing. However, as publications reduce their print runs and many become ‘online-only’, is it time to turn to look further afield?

And, most importantly, what exactly is Digital PR and what should you expect from it?
Similar to regular PR, digital PR still sees businesses draft press releases and build relationships with media outlets, bloggers and journalists, however it has many more added benefits.

Why Should You Consider Digital PR?


Whilst regular press is always considered a benefit for brand awareness and exposure, digital PR goes one step further. Not only is it good for your brand to be mentioned in different media outlets, but a digital link can actually help your SEO and your domain authority. Thus, moving you higher up on Google’s results page which should ultimately lead to more website clicks and potentially new leads.

Brand Awareness

We touched on this slightly earlier, but being mentioned across different media outlets (both traditional media and digital) will boost your brand awareness and exposure. People trust your brand more when they are familiar with it so, by being mentioned in different outlets, you’re actually getting more exposure and potential customers will begin to recognise your brand.

Building Authority

Digital PR not only gives your brand exposure and helps your SEO, but it can actually give you more authority. If you’re writing guest blogs or providing insightful knowledge to journalists, the audience will begin to view you as an industry leader within your niche.

It will allow you to build a foundation as to why people should choose you over your competitors; letting you showcase your knowledge in a way that is not as salesy and allows you to still appear approachable.


Marketing is key when it comes to business, however creating the content you need for the various streams can be time consuming, especially if you’re a SME and your resources are already stretched. Writing the content for digital PR can also double up as content for your social media that you can slice up and use over various campaigns.

Not only that, but any press coverage you get, you can promote on your socials which will give you content for your marketing, a backlink for SEO as well as build your authority within the industry.

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