Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 to Prepare For

Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 to Prepare For

2023 is fast approaching, meaning your business should prepare for what’s to come. From a marketing perspective, expect to see a whole host of digital trends that will be massive in the coming months.

What is the next digital marketing trend and what digital marketing strategies will be the most effective in 2023?

Check out our comprehensive list to start your preparations:

Email Marketing Continues to Grow

It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques around. Currently, the average open rate of emails across every industry is 21.5%. This means that around one-fifth of emails are opened, creating big possibilities for businesses.

Expect to see email marketing grow in 2023, with a focus on things like product launches. As data collection improves, small businesses can make emails that are more specifically targeted to customers, showing them exactly what they’d like to see. If you don’t already have an email marketing campaign, now’s the time to get started.

Customer Satisfaction Will Be Critical

There’s a heavy trend in the digital marketing world revolving around customer satisfaction. It’s the idea of developing strategies and campaigns that satisfy your customers. Thanks to digital technologies, it’s easier than ever to gain customer insights, letting you create targeted advertising/marketing campaigns.

2023 will be all about making your marketing strategy more tailored to individual customers/consumers. Social media ads will be a big thing, as will interactive content. The aim is to target your customers with content that appeals to them, so they actually get sucked in and enjoy your marketing rather than see it as a nuisance!

Online Reviews Become More Crucial

Did you know that 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their buying decisions? That’s a staggering statistic that’s led to marketing teams frantically looking for ways to increase online reviews for businesses.

Put simply, you should focus on generating as many reviews as possible for your business. Obviously, you want positive reviews, but you also need a higher quantity of reviews to build more trust. Having negative reviews isn’t always a bad thing – it depends on how you respond to them. Sometimes, your response to a bad review can convince consumers that you can still be trusted, and the initial review wasn’t as bad as first thought.

So, you need to focus on two things: building out more positive reviews and learning how to deal with the negative ones.

Social Media Will Be About Stories & Shopping

Social media marketing is always an effective tool for businesses of all sizes. Next year, there will be a significant shift in how your company should approach its social channels. Stories will become one of the key social media content marketing trends. Your business must learn how to develop short-form content that people can engage with in just a few seconds. The benefit of stories is also that it allows for more clicks to your website. They are an easy way for you to add links for people to follow!

Secondly, expect to see a dramatic increase in shopping on social media. Instagram is already leading the way with this, letting companies create posts with built-in links to products. Users can click on your post and see all the products in the image along with a price tag. In just one click, they’re taken to the product page on your website. According to Instagram, 130 million users click on a shopping post each month. If you aren’t already incorporating them, now’s the time to begin.

Employee Engagement Will Be Influential

Lastly, employee engagement can form one of the most unique social media trends of 2023. It’s the idea of using your employees to promote your business across social channels, building your online reputation. The more active your employees are, the more the world will know about what goes on behind closed doors. You bring customers and consumers closer to your business, almost humanising it.

Therefore, it’s easier for individuals to connect with your company, which is important if you want to draw in new customers. Similarly, this can also form one of the big B2B digital marketing trends next year too. Employee engagement on platforms like LinkedIn can build your reputation amongst business customers effectively and significantly.

In this digital world, it’s always important to stay on top of trends and new strategies. Make sure you’re prepared; open your business up to experiment with new ideas and adapt these tactics for maximum impact.

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